Union Resources

In order to support middle class union jobs, we fully support buying union products and patronizing at union businesses. Below are multiple resources that can help you find great companies to purchase products you need, as well as finding out what companies are anti-worker and should be avoided.


Do not patronize list

Click below to see what firms and businesses have been identified as unfair employers and adversaries of the labor movement. All trade unionists and friends of organized labor are urged not to patronize the businesses listed below.


find union products and businesses

Labor 411 is a one-stop resource for people who want to buy union-made goods and services. Their print and online directory provides greater visibility to union products and union-made goods and services and helps union decision makers ensure that their dollars and their values are connecting with the community at large.


Find union hotels

Are you traveling or do you travel often? Fairhotels.org lets you know what pro-worker union hotels to patronize while letting you know what anti-worker hotels to avoid. This includes hotels with anti-union policies as well as hotels where workers are currently striking. You can search various hotels by name or you can simply put in a zip code to find what hotels deserve your business.

UAW Union-built vehicle guide

Looking to purchase a new vehicle?. Click the picture or the button below to find what vehicles are 100% Union Made. Some cars created by American companies may not necessarily be built by union members. This is a great reference guide of all cars built by 100% union labor.

Union Plus Mortgage Company

Union Plus Mortgage Company was founded by the AFL-CIO to provide current and retired union members and their families mortgages through a union-controlled company. Union Plus Mortgage Company is owned by the AFL-CIO, Union Privilege, and a group of unions.