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Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson at the 2018 Working Families Labor Day Picnic


CCLC Executive Director Jeremy Goldberg

Assemblymember Christy Smith

 Over 500 union workers, their families, and members of our local community convened in College Park in Oxnard, CA on Labor Day, September 3, 2018. It was another great event with good music, good food and great speeches from our community leaders and representatives. It served as the kickoff to the election season, and in the ensuing weeks, many of the same people at this event would knock on doors, make phone calls, or even run for local office. It was a huge undertaking and we were able to get a lot of assistance and sponsorships from various unions and organizations. It was a true team effort as the Laborers local 585 and SEIU 721 were on the grill, Firefighters and Teachers helped serve the food, and the Teamsters helped sign people in. It was ultimately a great success and it helped the Central Labor Council make a positive impact on our local community.

Laborers Local 585 and SEIU Local 721 working the grill