Vote Week: Child Care, Employee Rights, Charter School reform get through the Assembly

It has been an eventful few weeks for the California State Legislature, the California Democratic Party, and the organized labor movement. All 14 CA Labor Federation and State Building Trades endorsed bills that were up for a floor vote successfully made it out of their respective houses. Now the bills can go for one more vote before being sent to be signed by governor Newsom. Among the major legislation passed was AB 378 (which will allow California’s 40,000 child care providers to negotiate with the state for improvements to the early childhood education system), sponsored by Monique Limon, AB 1505 (Charter School Accountability ) sponsored by Christy Smith, and AB 5 (Codify Dynamex Decision to Expand Workers’ Rights). Thank you to our local legislators for introducing and sponsoring some of these crucial bills and to our affiliates for mobilizing and holding legislators’ feet to the fire across the state to ensure they continue to vote for working families.