Dear Oxnard: We needed you to fight harder for the people who's voices aren't as loud

ox city council jobs.jpg

In conversations with Oxnard's elected officials over the past couple days, the prevailing maneuver is to hide behind the notion that somehow this $5.6m doesn't exist. The working families of Oxnard aren't going to let our elected officials hide behind that argument. This budget isn't about that at all.

We are very disturbed by what you voted for. Your budget is a roadmap of your collective and individual priorities and we walked away with the clear message that the city's employees are not a priority.

The services that were saved were done so because of public outrage. We didn't need you to fight harder for the things that everyone else was fighting for. We needed you to fight harder for the people who's voices aren't as loud.

The time comes in tenure of every elected official when a highly paid administrator will show them a spreadsheet that seems insurmountable. You had months (if not a year) to figure out how to avoid these cuts. Cities aren't made of numbers and everyone could've done more to protect these people, their jobs and their families.

We hope you're doing everything in your power to make sure that next year's budget is one that expands services, creates jobs and grows the city and it's economy.