We Joined AFSCME 3299 & UPTE At UCSB As They Continue to Fight The UC System's Never-ending Quest to Outsource their Jobs

Workers and students march together to fight for a fair wage

Here we go again. On Thursday, May 16, AFSCME Local 3299 and UPTE-CWA staged a single-day Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike statewide. We’ve lost count of the amount of strikes we’ve attended at UC Santa Barbara this last year, and we will continue to join these workers and students, rain or shine, in their fight for a fair contract.

Rain or shine

The UC System is fighting tooth and nail to outsource jobs and outright strip the benefits of their workers. It’s been 2 years and there is still no contract. The UC leadership (led by Former Governor of Arizona and President Obama cabinet member Janet Napolitano, who you can email here) has refused to even consider any avenue of business beyond their current goal of crushing middle class jobs in their apparently endless, Ahab-like quest to find an even bigger profit than the $486,434,000 the UC System raked in last year.

It’s becoming impossible to afford rent, much less a mortgage in California, and one of the last lines of middle class defense in California college towns such as Santa Barbara (median home price - $1,157,400) are its university workers. You charge upwards of $35,000 a year in tuition and fees for local students and $64,000 for out of state students, yet you refuse to pay your workers a livable wage. Do better.