AB 5: Disrupt Inequality

We should all expect a safe and healthy workplace, to make enough to live and thrive, and to have a say over our working conditions. #AB5 provides the basic foundation for our rights on the job, and make clear that employers have to follow the rules.


We are 85,000 caregivers of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, and we’re calling on Kaiser to live up to its promise and get back on track as the provider that offers patients unparalleled care, advocates for communities, and makes workers proud.


California Child Care Providers United (CCPU) brings together thousands of child care providers throughout California who work together to improve our profession and ensure every child has access to quality early learning and care. It consists of SEIU Local 99 , SEIU Local 521 and United Domestic Workers Alliance. Click on the link above for more information


Investment in our infrastructure will increase safety for all Americans and create and sustain good jobs. In turn, such jobs will boost economic development, helping working people in every field. The AFL-CIO has launched a major effort to secure funding and staff to upgrade our nation's aging infrastructure and energy-saving retrofits.